Mourinho injured: ‘If you see me limping, know that a ‘K’ player kicked me” – Roma

The coach jokes about what happened and ends up ‘exposing’ the culprit

All is well for Mourinho at the helm of Roma and when it is, anything is possible. The atmosphere at the Giallorossi – who are playing the Conference final on the 25th, with Feyenoord – could not be better and the proof is in a joke with an injury suffered… by Special One. Yesterday, the Portuguese posted a video on Instagram doing physiotherapy. The reason? He got kicked hours earlier in training and left clues for fans to find the culprit. “If you see me limping or wearing flip flops, know that a ‘K’ player kicked me,” wrote the coach, who left a question: “Do you think the ‘K’ is RK [Rick Karsdorp] or MK [Marash Kumbulla]’ An hour later he cracked the mystery with the image of when he was punched in training. ‘After Rick Karsdorp was bullied on social media I have to post this photo and say Kumbulla is to blame,” Mourinho revealed in a humorous post.


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