Is this this one? Scientists discover method to eradicate Covid, study finds

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youA group of scientists from the universities of Leuven and Namur in Belgium have made a discovery that could revolutionize the fight against the coronavirus. Researchers have developed a method that involves a type of sugar called acetylated 9-O, which has been isolated and used as a “shield” against Covid-19, claims a Publication in the scientific journal Nature Communications.

Scientists explain that when SARS-CoV-2 comes into contact with a cell, it must create bonds and latch onto them. Only then can it come into contact with the ACE2 receptor and cause the infection. For this, the outer surface of the virus is covered with a large amount of the spike protein, responsible for the entry of the virus into cells and the identification of the ACE2 receptor, as summarized by scientist David Alsteens in newspaper statements. The evening.

The good news is that researchers have found that 9-O-acetyl sugars can serve as a second barrier. In this way, the virus dies without being able to infect human cells.

Officials believe that these discoveries will be useful for the creation of antivirals that will facilitate the complete eradication of the virus. For now, the solution found will be tested on laboratory mice and, depending on the results, clinical trials may include humans.

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