David Cronenberg expects people to leave the room during the premiere of his new film

David Cronenberg expects people to come out of the premiere of his next film, Future Crimes“in the first five minutes”.

The director will be present at the Cannes Film Festival with a return to his roots, before the return of Viggo Mortensen, who will play an artist working with surgery as an art form, in addition to Léa Seydoux and Kristen Stewart.

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Asked by Deadline, the filmmaker revealed, about the graphic details, that certain scenes are “very strong” and that people are likely to leave the room.

“I’m sure people will leave within the first five minutes. Some who have seen the film have said they think the last 20 minutes will be very tough and people will leave. A guy said he almost had a panic attack. And I said, well, that would be OK. More I don’t think that will be the general reaction. I expect departures, in Cannes, and it is very special,” he explained.

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Something he’s used to, after being booed during the premiere of crashin 1996.

However, he does not expect the same reaction.

“I’m not nervous, I can’t wait, because when you make a movie, you want people to react to it. I don’t think we will have the experience of crash. Let them be as outraged as with crash, I do not think so. They might be repelled to the point of wanting to leave, not outraged. But I don’t know what will happen,” I concluded.

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