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The Inkga group, owner of The Swedish giant Ikea, will invest three billion euros by 2023 in new and existing stores, mainly to modify their outlets outside major cities and to operate simultaneously as a store and a distribution center for online business.

Tolga Oncu, the group’s director, told Reuters the money would be spent across all regions, although around a third is already earmarked for London – a test of new store formats and logistics configurations. “Most of it will be for existing stores as we talk about transforming and rethinking the square meter focus,” Oncu said in an interview.

In recent years, the group has adapted to online businessthe creation of smaller stores, the redesign of the site and the launch of a new application, as well as digital services such as remote planning tools.

According to Tolga Oncu, sending orders placed online from warehouses to stores near the city will mean faster and cheaper deliveries, with less emissions than shipping from certain logistics centers. “Instead of creating central warehouse capabilities for online shopping, why not ship from our Ikea stores? he says.

During the pandemic, Ikea saw record demand for discount furniture as people spent more time at home. Over the past three years, it has invested approximately €2.1 billion in new and existing stores in the 32 markets in which it operates.

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