In a bikini on the beach, Debbie Lynch-White sends a powerful message about body diversity

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Debbie Lynch-White took advantage of her trip to Europe, where the adventures are linkedfor a message from the publicist with her community and to share a first she experienced: she bathed in a two-piece at the beach.

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Indeed, as she continues her journey in Europe, where the adventures are linked, the actress has chosen to publish a photo of her with her hiking underwear (for lack of having been able to find clothes and therefore jersey in his size, we will remember) on Instagram and show off her full bodied splendor in a two-piece on a gorgeous beach in France. He says it was the premiere of the day it was decided to go to the beach in a bikini, and he was inspired by seeing the ease of Europeans being free with their bodies on the beaches.

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“Although I’ve often performed nude on stage or posed nude and feel good about my body, which I take care of and which makes me feel really good, I’ve never been to the beach in a bikini in my life. I’ve often taken midnight baths, but that’s another story! Haha! I don’t know why, but I guess it was a barrier that I wasn’t able to break down. The obstacle of being on a trip without a bathing suit and without being able to find one in my size in Europe forces me to bathe in hiking underwear today! And it’s amazing how good I feel! I am on a beach where the beach body are so scattered, free and without judgment!! And I think it’s nice to see us!! I wish us all to feel like this this summer on the beach!! I will clearly have to bring myself a bikini when I return to Quebec!!! #beach body 👙🏝☀️”, writes the one who finished her master’s thesis last year.

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Her publication caused a positive reaction, as many congratulated and encouraged her in her assertiveness.

His message resonates at the perfect time, while summer is feeling tranquility in Quebec. Body diversity should be available everywhere, and bikinis are for everyone, as Debbie Lynch-White so aptly put it.

Thank you for this necessary message!


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