More expensive foods? Eight tips to save money when going to the supermarket

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THEFood prices have been rising in recent months and this trend has been fueled by the war in Ukraine. From the beginning of the year to March, food prices increased by 3.5%, what worries economistsat a time when it is not it is still possible to foresee the end of increases.

When faced with additions, it is important to understand how you can save by going to the supermarket. THE DECO Protest published, in March, a set of eight tips aimed at avoiding unnecessary expenses and reducing the supermarket bill. Take note:

  1. Making a shopping list is the best way to avoid extra expenses. “Think about the meals you are going to prepare during the week and resist impulse purchases. Bring only what you really need”;
  2. At the supermarket, compare unit prices (kilo, liter or unit) – “Look beyond the products that are at eye level, where the products that retailers are most interested in selling are often placed”;
  3. Consult the brochures for the promotions of the week;
  4. Find the cheapest supermarkets to compare the daily index of the different distribution chains for the same basket of products;
  5. Milk and cereals are products that are often on sale. – “Check the expiration dates and, if they are long, you can bring more than one unit to take advantage of the promotion and save money. However, avoid buying more than necessary”;
  6. As far as food is concerned, private labels allow you to make some savings“in some cases up to 30%, without compromising quality”;
  7. Look at what’s in your pantry and check expiration dates to avoid food waste – “When tidying up the pantry, plan for the shortest time. You should do the same when tidying up the fridge”;
  8. Traditional trade is a good option to buy fresh products“since it is possible to find cheaper products. In addition, they have a good supply of national products and, as a rule, are closer to home, which can also help reduce fuel costs “.

Food products have started the year 2022 to maintain the upward trend in prices they already had since the previous year, the consumer price index, measured by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) , showing an increase of 0.8% between January and February.

The same data, however, shows that the trend has increased in the last month of this first quarter, reaching March up 3.5% compared to January or 2.7% if the benchmark is the index recorded in February. , the month in which war broke out. out in Ukraine.

In all the products that make up this basket there are some whose price in the first quarter exceeded this general value: this is the case for bread and cereals or meat (3.8%) or oils and fats (which increased by 18.6% compared to January).

For milk, cheese and eggs, the price increase during this period was 3.3%, for fish 2.6% and for vegetables 2.2%.

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