the discomfort is caused by an ear infection and should be treated with specialists

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It is recommended to consult a specialist if the discomfort persists and to consult a doctor.

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

Say it: Have you ever had an earache after hours of diving in a pool/beach? Often this discomfort can be caused by ear infections, different diseases that manifest themselves acutely or chronically, requiring different care. Therefore, it is recommended to consult a specialist if the discomfort persists and consult a doctor.

THE ‘VivaBem UOL’the morning of this Friday (29), brought new details on the problem and asked professionals: “They are not simultaneous (otitis), but, depending on the location and the type of inflammation, the intensity and forms of presentation vary”mentioned Marcio Salmitodoctor in Alemão Oswaldo Cruz Hospitalin Sao Paulo.

“Acute otitis, for example, is usually treated with local drops. The average needs pills and wouldn’t improve anything with topical drops.finished Marcio. Often, treatment can include medication or even surgery. Its causes vary between swimming in the swimming pool, cold, flu, Covid-19 and allergic factors.

Icarus Grandsupers, Rayza Gaspar dos Santos and Saramira Cardoso Bohadanadoctors of Sabará Children’s Hospitalin Sao Paulowere also contacted: “It is very important to have otitis monitored by an otolaryngologist for early diagnosis, avoiding surgical evolution. Systemic medication is reserved for patients with severe symptoms..

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