Gran Turismo 7: Update 1.13 is available with new circuits and new cars

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Subaru BRZ GT300, Subaru BRZ S and Suzuki Cappuccino are the new cars available

THE sony released update 1.13 of Gran Turismo 7is the second update released in April, as promised by Digital polyphonyGame developer.

/One of the main novelties of this new update is the arrival of 3 new cars for the game, they are: Subaru BRZ GT300 ’21, Subaru BRZ S ’21 and Suzuki Cappuccino (EA11R) ’91. A new track has also been added. Spa-Francorchamps with the 24-hour race layout and the addition of three new World Circuit events on the track.

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A comparative video shows the graphical evolution of Gran Turismo over 25 years
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Check below the main features implemented in the 1.13 update.

1. Cars

  • Added the following three cars:
    • Subaru BRZ GT300 ’21 (available for purchase from Brand Central)
    • Subaru BRZ S ’21 (available for purchase from Brand Central)
    • Suzuki Cappuccino (EA11R) ’91 (available for purchase at the used car stand from April 26)

2. Tours

  • Addition of the 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps circuit.

3. Global Circuits

  • The following three events have been added to Spa-Francorchamps:
    • Sunday European Cup 500
    • Japan Cup 550 Clubman
    • World Touring Cars 800

4. Landscapes

  • “Gassho Style Homes in Ainokura” and “Cherry Blossoms at Night” locations have been added to the highlights section of Scapes;
  • Added slideshow option to auto demo.

Other improvements and adjustments

1. Home screen

  • News is now displayed in the center of the screen.

2. Used car holder

  • A “New” tag is now displayed on new cars available each day;
  • The Suzuki Cappuccino (EA11R) ’91 will go on sale from April 26 as a “popular” car.

3. Legendary Car Booth

  • A “New Stock” tag is now displayed on new cars that are available every day.


  • The description “Large body” is now displayed on all modified garage cars with a large body;
  • An engine ignition sound is now played when changing cars.

5. Race screen

  • In Limited Time Races, we moved the remaining time display to the center of the screen and changed the design.

6. Rival Cars (AI)

  • We have adjusted the racing line for rival cars at the Nürburgring.

7. Sports

  • It is now possible to participate in certain events by renting cars specific to the event or with cars from the garage;
  • Videos are now shown ahead of the Nations Cup and Manufacturers Cup finals.
  • The following information is now displayed on the event screen before each race:
    • Tire wear rate
    • Fuel consumption rate
    • Temperature
    • start type
    • Compulsory tires (information displayed only if necessary)
    • Compulsory pit stop (information displayed only if necessary)
  • When entering Sport mode for the first time, a race tag video is now displayed. This video presents some important recommendations regarding driving and motor racing;
  • Added a “Race Details” screen. The following information can be accessed from the “Race Details” icon to the right of the race entry screen.
    • Basic information
    • Qualification Definitions
    • race settings
    • Penalty Definitions
    • Driving option restrictions
    • regulations

8. Design Editor

  • We added an “Original Decal Color” in the “Editor Settings”. Either ‘White’ or ‘Last Color Used’ can now be chosen and when selecting ‘Last Color Used’ the most recently used new color will be selected.

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9. Repetition

  • We added the option to filter by genre or artist when selecting a song for Music Repeat;
  • In the new repetitions, it is now possible to quickly advance to the next round.

10. Car Parameters

  • We fixed an issue that caused a settings sheet to disappear;
  • Fixed an issue with Performance Points (PP) that could occur due to the Power Throttle setting.
  • Fixed an issue where Performance Points (PP) were not correctly added if certain settings or operations were performed (Performance Points may not be calculated correctly under certain conditions, such as adding a pull of premium tires in some cars).

11. Car behavior

  • We have adjusted the algorithm for calculating the geometry of the suspension. This resulted in increased traction in rear-wheel-drive cars and more muted reactions to weight shift;
  • We tweaked the relationship between controller inputs (analog stick, R2 button, gas pedal on a steering wheel) and throttle position;
  • We have adjusted the speed of the analog stick direction;
  • Force feedback adjusted on the following wheels:
  • Fanatec® Podium
  • Fanatec® GT DD Pro
  • Fanatec® GT DD Pro + Boost Kit
  • We tweaked the pressure control on all four brakes when entering corners. As a result, the braking distance has been reduced overall.

12. Definitions (Command Definitions)

  • The strength of the trigger effect can now be adjusted from the quick menu displayed during runs or from [Definições] > [Definições do comando] in the pause menu. “J1 Trigger Effect (Accelerator)” and “J1 Trigger Effect (Brake)” can both be set to “No”, “Weak” or “Strong”;
  • Changed upper limit of “Control direction speed correction” from 7 to 10 in [Definições] > [Definições do comando] > [Sensibilidade da direção do comando] in the quick race menu and in the pause menu.

13. Settings (sound volume)

  • The following eight sounds can now be adjusted from [Definições] >[Volume do som] in the quick race menu and in the pause menu:
  • Race sound mode (balanced music and sound/sound priority/emphasis on background music in races)
  • Play background music in races (yes/no)
  • Background music in races (volume)
  • Sound effects in races (volume)
  • Player engine sound (volume)
  • Transmission noise (volume)
  • Tire winches (volume)
  • Opponent engine noise (volume)

14. Automatic GT

  • Fixed an issue that allowed oil changes to be performed on cars where it was not required.

15. Cars

  • Fixed several issues on the following four cars:
    • Honda Fit Hybrid ’14: the car’s body color was not applied to certain areas of the underbody;
    • Jeep Willys MB ’45: interior paint not applied after picking;
    • Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition (FK8) ’20: sticker graphic was distorted when sticker was added from [Peças personalizadas] > [Dianteira]> [Tipo A] in the design editor;
    • Ferrari 458 Italia ’09: The number sticker appeared distorted when added to a car with a wide body modification.

16. Others

  • Fixed various issues.

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