First official release for Kim Rusk and Sansdrick Lavoie

After weeks of rumors swirling around, Kim Rusk and Sansdrick Lavoie’s relationship seems to have been on the rocks, as the duo walked their first red carpet together.

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Although the rumor mill started a few weeks ago, it wasn’t until last week that the lovebirds shared their first photos together while enjoying a vacation in the sun.

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Yesterday, Tuesday, the couple decided to make their first public appearance by appearing together at the premiere of Mariana Mazza’s new show, which took place at L’Olympia, in Montreal. Like all the guest artists present, they posed on the red carpet, and seemed very happy to do so!



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If Sansdrick’s face means anything to you, it’s very possible. Discovery on the show Double Occupancy Bali in 2017, the anime then joined the Canal Vie mission entitled Sansdrick and Pézie in the backgroundwhere he renovates rooms across Quebec, aboard a van, alongside his best friend and former lover, Pézie.

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