The North region concentrates 89% of dengue cases in Botucatu


The North region concentrates 89% of dengue cases in Botucatu April 18, 2022

The northern region of the city concentrates 89% of dengue fever cases in 2022. The information was revealed last week by the Town Hall, through the Environmental Health Surveillance (VAS).

To this end, there will be a continuity of actions to fight and control dengue mosquito breeding sites. The Environmental Health Surveillance (VAS) will carry out, between this Monday (18) and Wednesday (20), the application of insecticide by coastal sprayers in Jardim Paraiso and Jardim Mirante (North Region) and Jardim Reflorenda (South Region).

The application of the insecticide will be between 8 am and 12 noon on these days, as already communicated to the inhabitants of each district. In case of rain, the insecticide application will be rescheduled.

In addition to this action, VAS continues to carry out home visits and carry out vehicular nebulizations in other regions of the municipality with the aim of combating the breeding sites of the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

Monitoring guides people to seek medical attention when symptoms such as high fever, headache, pain behind eyes, muscle aches, red spots on skin, fatigue and indisposition . In case of suspicion of dengue fever or another arbovirus (Chikungunya virus and Zika), the case will be notified and actions to break the cycle of transmission of these diseases will be triggered in due course.

In 2022, 59 dengue cases were confirmed in Botucatu.

About the action:

Surveillance will apply an insecticide to kill adult mosquitoes possibly infected with dengue virus.

The product will only act at the time of application, therefore the elimination of favorable conditions for the proliferation of Aedes aegypti, thanks to the good maintenance of containers containing stagnant water, remains the best way to fight against the dengue.

Endemic disease control officers will visit properties in advance and guide residents on how to prepare the environment to receive insecticide application. After 20 minutes, officers will return to confirm that the environment is ready for the suicide bomber to apply the product.

The minimum waiting time to return to the property after insecticide application should be 30 minutes. Under no circumstances will bombers return to properties that are closed or unprepared to receive the insecticide, so it is important that environmental readiness is followed within the allotted time frame.

How to prepare the property:

– Store inside or cover food, cooking utensils, clean or lined clothes, animal waterers and aquariums;
– Remove or keep sheets and tablecloths in the air so that the insecticide can reach all places;
– Keep doors, windows and curtains open to facilitate the entry of the insecticide;
– Remove or keep pets (dogs, cats, birds, among others) in a closed room.
– People who cannot wait for the insecticide to be applied outside must stay in a room with closed doors and windows.

More information:
Municipal Department of Health
Rua Major Matheus, 07 – Vila dos Lavradores
Telephone: (14) 3811-1609

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