THE BALL – Succession is a taboo subject (FC Porto)

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Much has been speculated about who will be Pinto da Costa’s equal successor once the leader leaves the presidential chair.

Rui Moreira, André Villas-Boas, Vítor Baía and António Oliveira are some of the putative candidates for the throne of Porto, but the club’s current manager has never dared to name names for the future, not wanting to to interfere in a business that he assures, concerns only the universe of the supporters of FC Porto.

The subject was inevitably raised on the day the Porto leader celebrated his 40th anniversary as president, but Pinto da Costa did not reveal the name of his successor. “I always say the past is for historians, not for me. For me it is the present and the future and my concern is constantly that FC Porto improves and I am sure that will continue to happen and I am sure that after my presidencies, which have already been many , the club will continue in the same direction of progress and victories. It’s my dream and the best joy I can have when I leave is to see that FC Porto will be even better than what it is.

Finally, the most successful club president in the world assures that it is “a pleasure to be able to relive all these 39, 40 episodes [Ironias do Destino] it gave me great joy to do and in which I told many stories, many of which are truly ironies of fate”.

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