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One of the richest men in the world spent the Easter weekend in Portugal. Jeff Bezos, who second Forbes currently has a fortune valued at around 163 billion euros (slightly less than the Portuguese GDP, which is around 200 billion), he was in Comporta and also passed through Lisbon.

© laurenwsanchez/Instagram

On Instagram, the girlfriend of Amazon founder Lauren Sánchez, published several photographs alluding to the stay in Portugal. “When the weekend finally comes and you can have fun and discover new waters,” reads the message that accompanies the Publish. Sánchez also shared two stories — in one of them is visible the statue of the Pietà of the Sé Cathedral of Lisbon

© laurenwsanchez/Instagram

In one of the many comments that accompany the photographs published on the Instagram account, Sánchez confirms the presence of the couple in Portugal. To the comment of a user who asks if the photos correspond to the North American city of Seattle, the journalist replies: “It’s as beautiful as Seattle, but no, it’s in Portugal.”

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In addition to visiting Lisbon, the Observer knows that the 58-year-old billionaire and founder of Amazon was also in Comporta with his 52-year-old partner.

In early 2019, Bezos announced the divorce after 25 years with MacKenzie Tuttle – in the Twitter post, signed by Jeff and MacKenzie, the couple immediately spoke of an amicable divorce which had been reached after a “long period of loving exploration and separation”.

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