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The Topolino, officially the first Fiat 500, was built between 1936 and 1955, with the mission of propelling an impoverished Italy in the middle of the post-war period. Light and powered by a small economical engine, one of its main assets was its sympathetic and attractive aesthetic, to the point of justifying the name of Topolino, or Mickey Mouse in Italian, a character who appeared four years earlier.

Committed to recovering the historic Topolino, keeping it small, accessible and economical, like the original model, the transalpine manufacturer has decided to put the Citroën Amiwhich was also used to create the Opel Rock-e. Homologated as a quadricycle and with room for only two, the model has an all-plastic body and a youthful look, while being electric and cheap.

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Who drives the news is the Automotive News Europestating that Fiat will be able to give Topolino a more sophisticated personality by resorting to a retractable canvas roofsimilar to what the pretty model also offered in 1936. The Fiat Topolino will mount the same 6 kW (8.2 hp) motor as the Ami, as well as the same battery with a capacity of 5.5 kWh, which ensures a maximum top speed of 45 km/h – mandatory because it is a quadricycle – and a range of 75 km.

Citroën Ami is electric and inexpensive. Will it be a good bet?

With only 471 kg (already with battery, but without driver), the future Topolino will display a length of 2.41 meters long, much less than the 3.21 m of the 86-year-old Fiat, offering 8.2 hp against the 13 hp extracted from the four-cylinder engine and 569 cc.

The lower power of the electric Topolino will be compensated by the higher torque of its motor, combined with less weight. It remains to be hoped that, unlike what happened with the Opel Rocks-e, identical in every way to the Ami, the Fiat invest a little more to make the small electric quadricycle look closer to the late Topolino, whose battery-powered successor is expected to hit the market in 2023.

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