What does the Berlin Gigafactory look like? Tesla showed it all with a drone

Tesla’s decision to locate a factory in Europe was an important decision for the brand. In addition to establishing an important position on the old continent, it has created direct access to bring its cars closer to customers.

Now that it produces and even delivers its first cars, it’s time to get to know it better. Tesla brought this vision to everyone, in its usual way. He presented a video in which a drone travels through this space and shows us everything.

Gigafactory Tesla car factory in Berlin

Inside Berlin's Gigafactory

After many problems, and albeit in record time, Tesla managed to start production of its cars at the Gigafactory in Berlin. In a presentation like the many Elon Musk likes to do, the first cars were delivered to customers.

To further promote the brand and its new factory, the company released another video. It shows the Gigafactory from every angle and in great detail, so that its technological innovation and production capacity are clear.

It all starts outside the Tesla factory, where the many Model Ys already produced are located in its various car parks. From there, they will supply the various countries where Tesla is present and where it sells its cars.

original video

Tesla at the pinnacle of car manufacturing

This is a video where all the construction elements of this factory are presented, from the presses and molds to the many robots that automatically assemble all the cars that are assembled at the Gigafactory in Berlin.

The new plant, in addition to allowing the company to produce more vehicles, will reduce the amount of transport needed. Eliminates the need to import cars from China and the United States, which shortens delivery times.

This is a video that clearly shows how Tesla is committed to creating its own production, eliminating as many external inputs and suppliers as possible. It is also clear that the technological level is high and that the brand already has a strong position in all areas.

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