check the dates for the 2022/23 season

The World Cup on an atypical date generates “riding” in the 2022/23 season, which starts earlier. Fernando Santos will dispose of the players just a week before the start of the competition.

The one and a half month stoppage of interclub competitions in 2022/23, for the Qatar World Cup, does not, according to O GAME, amount to an advance or delay of an equivalent number of days. Incidentally, the next edition of the BWIN League will start on August 7, a week earlier than previous years on average. And it will end on May 28, 2023, just over a week after the identical round of the current edition of the championship, which is scheduled to end on May 15 this year.

Who ends up suffering with the adjustment are the selectors. The World Cup begins on November 21 and clubs are only required to release internationals on the 14th of that month, just a week before the competition begins.

Thus, the participation of the national team in the first four rounds of the League of Nations, from June 2 to 14, and in the last two of the specially redesigned competition, from September 22 to 27, will serve as an antechamber to the Portuguese. team, where will notice the last adjustments made by the selector Fernando Santos.

This year, before the start of Qatar”22, in addition to the last seven matches of this season, the first 13 of the next one and the participation of the national team in the Nations League, it will also be necessary to count on the semi-finals and the Portugal final, the last rounds of the Champions League – if Benfica beat Liverpool – and of the Europa League – if Braga eliminate Rangers – the pre-qualification phases of the three European Cups next season and their phase of groups: everything was decided until the first week of November.

Of course, also counting on the Supercup Cândido de Oliveira dispute, which should take place on July 30 or 31, also about a week before the usual date. And with the particularity that the Portuguese Cup should resume at the beginning of September, with four rounds expected before the exit of the players in Selection. Everything is doable, but with the League and the FPF crossing their fingers for lack of contingency dates.

Keeping pace in the Coupe de la Ligue

The adaptation of competitive schedules to the Qatar World Cup ended up giving an interesting character to the next edition of the League Cup. The body chaired by Pedro Proença understood that the group stage of the competition, before the Final Four (which will take place, in the same, at the end of January 2023), will be played precisely in the month and a half of the stoppage of the various championships. , giving unsummoned athletes the opportunity to continue their work.

There will be four or five matches (depending on whether Braga and V. Guimarães’ B teams move up to League II) compressed during this period, with the quarter-finals the week after the World Cup ends.

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