Taarabt applauds Benfica and recalls England times: ‘They hire you and leave you alone’ – Benfica

Player recalled, at ‘The Athletic’, when Bruno Lage put him to play in a ‘different position’

Adel Taarabt recalled, in an interview with ‘The Athletic’, the difficult beginnings in the service of Benfica. The midfielder said ‘life in Portugal is calmer than it was in England’, and assured the Eagles have always been ‘very supportive’ of him. The Moroccan started by “going back” a few seasons, when Bruno Lage was the coach of the eagles and bet on him as a central midfielder.


Taarabt: '13 or 14 year olds already think like real athletes at Benfica'

“It’s a different position, where I couldn’t take so many risks. In England, I played free, and the only thing they asked of me was to create. Now I do both, I ‘trying to create and defend too.I need to have a lot of discipline from the big area [adversária]. I’m getting there, but I try more to make the pass in the last third. It’s more about getting the team to play.”

Taarabt then explained the compromise that resulted to do with Clube da Luz in 2020, negotiating the contract with a lower salary. “After the first year, I wanted to do it. I felt the club was amazing. They always supported me in all the phases I went through. It was the right decision.”

Asked about the differences between Portugal and England, the midfielder took the opportunity to praise Academia do Seixal. “It’s difficult to go to England. They hire you and leave you alone. When I look at the Benfica Academy, at 13 or 14 years old, they already think like athletes. When I arrived in England, I felt trained for an hour or two, then I was alone. I had no one around me to tell me this or that,” he concluded.

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