LE BAL – Bonucci apologizes for “storm” in the spa resort of Palermo (Italy)

In addition to the surprise semi-final elimination of the play-off against North Macedonia, the world learned that Italy had left the dressing room at the Renzo Barbera stadium in Palermo in a deplorable state, with rubbish on the floor. .

This Monday, Roberto Bonucci apologized, accepting the banter.

“It was a big mistake on our part, next time we will pay more attention to those details that make the difference. We will have to ask for more cleaning, be more careful and apologize,” he agreed.

Italy, cut off from access to the World Cup, will have to perform a painful match of losers against Turkey, eliminated by Portugal. When asked if the players have ever asked coach Roberto Mancini to stay, Bonucci was clear.

“What the coach has given us in these three years is something unique. An empathy has been created that has rarely been created in Coverciano [centro de treinos], so continuing with Mancini is just the logical consequence. His ideas, his human value, are not discussed. We want to continue on this path with him.

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