Good news on FC Porto’s return to training

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Ana Luisa Magalhaes


Pepê and Bruno Costa moved on for conditioning training

FC Porto have definitely resumed preparation for the match against Santa Clara and Sérgio Conceição has received two good news: Pepê and Bruno Costa have made progress in recovering from their physical problems.

The Brazilian winger, who had to undergo facial surgery due to a fractured zygomatic arch, went from gym work to fitness training, the same stage the midfielder is in since yesterday. Bruno had suffered a muscular injury to his right thigh, during the match against Lyon, and had limited himself to being treated during the previous training.

With the return to the league not scheduled for Monday, the outlook is good for this duo, although Pepê is invariably forced to play with a protective mask. For the rest, Manafá continues to treat the serious injury he suffered at the end of December.

With 14 players in the service of the national teams, Sérgio Conceição finds himself, for example, without any available midfielder, in a scenario that will gradually improve in the coming days. However, it is only on weekends that the workforce should be complete.

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