LE BALLON – “We know we have to be in Qatar” (Selection)

Bernardo Silva was the designated player for the match against North Macedonia, with the Manchester City midfielder admitting to some unpredictability about what to expect from an opponent who has already scored heavily on two powerhouses like Germany and Italy, even imposing a scandalous recipe as a visitor.

“Honestly, we don’t really know what to expect. Macedonia can play with a lower block or also be more pressing. We had the opportunity to meet them in some videos and we could see that they are a very aggressive team in the duels but that they always try to play with the ball. We don’t expect an easy game at all,” warned the Manchester City star, not escaping the risk of failure on the pitch, which will be an absolute failure in terms of national intentions.

“If Macedonia reached the decisive match to qualify, it’s because they deserve it! If Germany and Italy have won, even with all these statistics, it is a sign that they are a solid and united team. This tells us that we have a difficult task ahead of us and that we must give everything to defeat this opponent,” explained Bernardo Silva, emphatic on the pressure to win, refuting any difference in thought between hosting Italy or North Macedonia. in Dragao:

“Not at all! The responsibility of being present at the World Cup means that, whatever the opponent, it always involves this pressure. There is a pressure to be in Qatar and we accept it. The pressure would be the same whether it’s Italy or Macedonia. We know perfectly well that we have to be in Qatar.

Bernardo also focused on his deployment on the pitch, sharing comfort with the more distant roles he had against Turkey.

“It’s a position I know well, where I’ve played the last games for City and where I’ve played particularly this season. I can play where Mr Fernando Santos thinks it’s best for the team. I’m used to several positions, I can be right winger, attacking midfielder plus 10, or midfielder plus 8 in assist position 6. Now I played closer to João, I felt good, I likes to play there too,” said Bernardo Silva, praising the noisy crowd that pushed Portugal to victory over Turkey:

“It’s very important to play at home, it’s completely different for us. The support felt for Dragão was already felt at the League of Nations. Once again the stadium has been fantastic, we hope to count on again the strength they gave us in the last game.

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