The council of instructors attacks the disciplinary council

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The P* is armed between the League and the FPF.

Statement from the League Instructors Committee criticizing the Disciplinary Board.

“The IC, during the investigation, has favored the evidentiary steps necessary to discover the truth regarding the possible request for the postponement of the match, namely the notification of SL Benfica SAD, the investigations of the referee and the delegate of the League regarding the preparatory meeting for the match. , investigation by the game delegate of Os Belenenses-SAD, having concluded that the postponement of the game had not been requested.

“Based on the evidence before it, the IC concluded, therefore, that there was no evidence that such a request for an adjournment was made formally or during a pre-game meeting, conclusion which resulted moreover from the response of the arbitrator and the delegate of the League, whose statements have, as we know, reinforced probative value.

“The Disciplinary Board of the FPF (CD) decided, contrary to what was proposed by the IC, to prosecute Os Belenenses-SAD, without omitting to mention, in this procedural act that: “It is not necessary to carry out other additional investigative diligence, since the file contains all the necessary and sufficient elements to rule on the existence of evidence of the practice of the disciplinary offense, that is to say, which make it possible to determine the subsumption of the facts charged and verified to one of the disciplinary faults referred to in the Disciplinary Regulations (…)”.

“Having legitimately, by a different legal interpretation, the CD brought an accusation against Os Belenenses-SAD, but recognizing, in this accusation, the promotion of all probationary steps by the IC, it is not understandable that it is now stated in a press release, the non-existence, in the process, of sufficient evidence to assess the veracity of the existence of such steps aimed at postponing gambling.

“Especially since the final disciplinary decision of the CD, although not based on the same terms, concludes in the exact direction of what was proposed by CI”, can we read.

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