THE BALL – Teresa Bonvalot wins the Pro Netanya and guarantees the European title (Surf)

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Surfer Teresa Bonvalot won this Saturday the Pro Netanya, a World Surf League (WSL) qualifying circuit competition, which takes place in Kontiki Beach, Israel. This victory also offers the Portuguese surfer the conquest of the European surfing title.

National champion Francisca Veselko finished in 3rd place, which puts her in second place in the European rankings, tied with Mafalda Lopes and Spaniard Nadia Erostarbe.

Teresa Bonvalot beat Erostarbe in the final, adding 15.40 points, against 12.90 for the Spaniard.

A triumph which, underlines the National Association and the surfers, automatically guaranteed the European title to Teresa Bonvalot, with a stage to do at the end of the circuit. The surfer has more than six thousand points in the standings, while the most direct opponents (Francisca Veselko, Mafalda Lopes and Nadia Erostarbe) total 3600 points. In the last stage, in Caparica, 1000 points are up for grabs, that is, Teresa has already mathematically guaranteed this title.

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