“Italian football suffers from a cultural backwardness, we have been stopped for 60 years”

The president of Serie A denounces “the failure of all Italian football”. Arrigo Sacchi also issued criticisms.

Serie A president Lorenzo Casini has extended the “failure” of the Italian team in the European qualifying play-offs for the 2022 World Cup to all of Italian football, which “must motivate serious reflection and a paradigm shift”.

Italy lost 1-0 to North Macedonia in Palermo in the play-off semi-final on Thursday, missing out on World Cup qualifying for the second time in a row and allowing the Balkans to discuss joining. the 2022 World Cup with Portugal on Tuesday in Porto.

“The failure to qualify for the final phase of the World Cup is a failure of all Italian football, which should motivate serious reflection and a change of paradigm”, defended Casini, recently appointed president of the Italian League.

Italy were the clear favourites, but Trajkovski’s goal at 90+2 minutes knocked the European champions out of the qualifying play-off final and put North Macedonia on their way to Portugal was imposed Thursday 3-1 against Turkey. , also in Porto, in the semi-finals.

Former Italy coach Arrigo Sacchi lamented that Italian football had “gained nothing” since Inter, coached by Portuguese José Mourinho, won the Champions League in 2010: “The victory of the national team to Europeans [de 2020] was a wonderful exception.”

“The problem is serious. Italian football suffers from a cultural backwardness, there are no innovative ideas. Other countries are evolving and we have been at a standstill for 60 years. I say it openly: the coach and the players are the least to blame. it’s institutional,” said Sacchi, who coached the Azzurri team between 1991 and 1996, leading it to the 1994 World Cup final, which they lost to Brazil. .

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