BOLA – SC Braga beats Benfica on penalties to win the League Cup (Women’s Football)

SC Braga wins by 3-2 and wins the League Cup!

Cloé Lacasse (Benfica): ball on the bar!

Andreia Norton (SC Braga): GOAL! 2-3

Lúcia Alves (Benfica): the defense of Patrícia Morais!

Laura Luís (SC Braga): ball out!

Cassandra Korhonen (Benfica): the defense of Patrícia Morais!

Vanessa Marques (SC Braga): GOAL! 2-2

Carole Costa (Benfica): GOAL! 2-1

Anouk Dekker (SC Braga): GOAL! 1-1

Pauleta (Benfica): GOAL! 1-0

The penalty lottery is about to begin!

120+1′ Finish the game, with 0-0 on the scoreboard! The final will be decided on penalties.

118′ Left corner and Vanessa Marques rising very well at the far post, towards the goal: Christy Ucheibe cuts the ball almost above the fatal risk and avoids the 0-1 for SC Braga!

116′ Lúcia Alves (Benfica) is shown the yellow card.

113′ Replacement at SC Braga: Dolores Silva for Laura Casanovas

109′ Bad relief from Katelin Talbert and Laura Luís tries to be happy in the execution of a hat: the North American goalkeeper of Benfica recovers the position and seizes the ball.

106′ Replacement at SC Braga: Evy Pereira for Mariana Couto

106′ Replacement at Benfica: Ana Vitória for Cassandra Korhonen

105′ Interval in overtime: 0-0.

105′ Patrícia Morais (SC Braga) is shown the yellow card.

102′ Dolores Silva bets on an aerial ball and Vanessa Marques is close to the opener for SC Braga, with a header

91′ Substitution at SC Braga: Carolina Mendes replaces Laura Luís

91′ The 1st half of extra time begins!

90+5′ Final whistle: 0-0, we go into extra time!

90′ Five minutes of compensation

83′ Replacement at SC Braga: Ana Rute of Vanessa Marques

80′ Replacement at Benfica: Andreia Faria for Christy Ucheibe

71′ Ana Vitória dismisses an opponent and, already in the box, shoots it

67′ Replacements at Benfica: Kika Nazareth for Beatriz Cameirão and Jéssica SIlva for Valéria Cantuário

Francisco Neto, the national women’s football coach, also follows the final in Santa Maria da Feira.

63′ Jermaine sets up the kick well, but the ball ends up weak, with Katelin Talbert integrating it easily.

54′ Yellow card for Diana Gomes (SC Braga)

In the stands of the Marcolino Castro stadium, there are 2274 spectators.

46′ Replacement at SC Braga: Catarina Pereira for Evy Pereira (half-time)

46′ Start the second part!

45+1′ Filipa Cunha of AF Viana do Castelo whistles for half-time, with a blank on the scoreboard.

45′ Cloé Lacasse invades the surface and takes a risk with his left foot: Patrícia Morais stops the shot with two shots.

26′ Right corner and Anouk Dekker led the bar, almost putting SC Braga in front!

24′ Excellent collective game of SC Braga, with Carolina Mendes seriously disturbing Katelin Talbert

Highlight for the presence of a familiar face of European football in the stands of the Marcolino Castro stadium: Rob Holding, the English center of Arsenal and teammate of Paige Almendariz, the North American of SC Braga, is an attentive spectator of this final.

16′ Ana Vitória grabs the second ball and tries her luck from outside the area: the ball shot by the Benfica player is deflected for a corner

8′ Counter-attack very well led by the eagles, with Cloé Lacasse on the face of Patrícia Morais: the SC Braga goalkeeper dismisses the threat for a corner

4′ Catarina Pereira (SC Braga) is shown the yellow card.

4′ Free-kick by Andreia Norton, the ball crossing the entire surface

1′ Ana Rute seems loose in the Benfica area and misses the target very little, on a half-turn shot!

1′ The League Cup final begins at Castro’s Marcolino Stadium!

Benfica and SC Braga will face each other in the final of the Women’s Football League Cup on Wednesday. The match will take place at the Marcolino Castro stadium, in Santa Maria da Feira, with kick-off at 7:30 p.m.

This is a replay of the competition’s first final (2019/20), which the Eagles won after a 3-0 win. Their dominance in the competition was confirmed last season (2020/21), with a new trophy for the Luz Museum: a 2-1 triumph over Sporting.

The match will be refereed by Filipa Cunha (AF Viana do Castelo), who will have Andreia Sousa and Rafaela Almeida as assistants and Telma Frade as 4th referee. Catarina Campos assumes VAR duties and Bruno Esteves assumes AVAR duties.

Rui Costa and António Salvador, respectively presidents of Benfica and SC Braga, are on the stand of honor at the fairgrounds, accompanied by Fernando Gomes, leader of the FPF.

There are already eleven!

Benfica: Katelin Talbert; Catarina Amado, Silvia Rebelo type., Carole Costa and Lúcia Alves; Andreia Faria, Pauleta and Ana Vitória; Cloé Lacasse, Kika Nazareth and Jessica Silva

Benfica replaces: Carolina Vilão, Ana Seiça, Valéria Cantuário, Marta Cintra, Christy Ucheibe, Cassandra Korhonen and Beatriz Cameirão.

Benfica coach: Filipa Patao

SC Braga: Patricia Morais; Machaela George, Anouk Dekker, Diana Gomes and Catarina Pereira; Andrea Norton and Dolores Silva type.; Jermaine, Ana Ruth and Myra Delgadillo; caroline mendes

SC Braga substitutes: Babi Marques, Vanessa Marques, Laura Luís, Inês Maia, Laura Casanovas, Mariana Couto and Evy Pereira

SC Braga coach: João Marques

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