Benfica winger surprised not to have been called up

Extreme, who scored a superb goal against Estoril, would have been surprised not to have been called up by Fernando Santos. Even if he is not usually effusive in celebrating goals, the ultra discreet behavior of the number 27, both in the celebrations and at the end of the match, created the surprise.

Rafa’s goal against Estoril in Luz on Sunday still sends shockwaves around the world. The race of more than 70 meters with the ball, from the entrance of the surface of the eagles to the finalization in 1-0, has already been assimilated to movements made, in the past, by Maradona or Poborski. But, alongside that, there was also the enigmatic silence of the player on the move, he who barely celebrated with his colleagues.

From what O JOGO has found, this is due to the more discreet profile that the athlete has and has already seen at other times. But also because of a certain bitterness in the mouth of number 27 due to the lack of place in the national team, which was excluded from the recent call from Fernando Santos for the clash with Turkey, decisive in access to the Cup of the world. .

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