VIDEO: Luís Castro’s moving farewell to Al Duhail

Portuguese coach Luís Castro, who bid farewell to Al Duhail with winning the Emir of Qatar Cup on Fridayleft a message of thanks to the club on Monday, before make a career in brazil.

“My friends, right now I don’t know what to say. Maybe say what we always say: thank you very much. They were fantastic months, made of sadness and joy, as it happens in the life of each one of us, but always with a lot of motivation, ambition, determination, commitment, courage and many, many of respect”, he began by evoking, through the social network Instagram., before discussing the players and the structure of Al Duhail, to whom he dedicated the Emir Cup.

“To my players I give a hug the size of the world and say: what a pleasure to have had you in my life, I will never forget you, I love you. They bring my career to life. Thank you. To my staff technical and to the staff of all departments, I say: thank you for your dedication, your support and your competence. To my administration, Mr. President, I say: thank you for the opportunity to coach such a prestigious club. Thank you for the support at all times. To my fans: thank you for all the love and support at all times. In sadness and in joy, always a family. We knew how to laugh and cry together.”

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