Conceição: ‘There was a questionable situation in the area where VAR thought it was good not to call the referee’ – FC Porto

O FC Porto won 1-0 in Bessa and remained alone and with a good advantage at the top of the Bwin League standings, in a match in which, according to Sérgio Conceição, he presented a warrior team with competent play. The Porto coach recalled what the Dragons have been through over the past few days, which he says gives this triumph even more strength. “It was a very competent game from us. I think after what happened with the team… Being on the plane at 3 in the morning, coming back to the hotel, sleeping at 5 hours… We had a day off to prepare the strategy We were aware of the difficulty, a derby is always very fierce, with passion, but we entered with a fantastic spirit, in what was the strategy of the game and what was a setback, another… We were warriors, we managed to prevent Boavista from reaching our zone, we created opportunities in which we could and should have defined it differently. we scored a goal, entered the second half with an advantage and with the same attitude The competitive attitude was always present, in the search for the goal Then there is one situation or another in the very doubtful zone, where the referee didn’t think so, and VAR thought it was good not to call, which didn’t apply. only to show Mbemba’s situation. , with nothing to lose, with a big con fusion… But it was a competent game from a fantastic group. We went through a lot these three days, we got around these setbacks, with a competent game, of a good level, in a difficult ground”, he began by analyzing, to SportTV.

Soares Dias ordered this possible penalty against Evanilson and Sérgio Conceição protested

Soares Dias ordered this possible penalty against Evanilson and Sérgio Conceição protested

The coach assumed that Mehdi Taremi’s latest change was conditioned, although he made it clear that at FC Porto all players have to do what the team has to do: “We work in such a way that the center knows the striker’s work differently, creating a diamond in the middle, not to refer to Boavista’s midfield, we managed to occupy an interesting space with Fábio Vieira as a fake striker and with Pepê and Evanilson without to refer to the central defenders. in a way, to condition the defensive organization of Boavista. It’s a shame that we didn’t have the opportunity to win in a more serene way”.

In closing, Conceição once again devalued the record for games without a win – there are already 55 in the League. “It doesn’t mean anything at the moment. It makes sense if at the end of the championship we celebrate a title. That’s the most important thing. This stoppage is beneficial, especially because we are coming out of a cycle of matches incredible, with brutal competitions.” density. It’s important to rest and prepare the team for the new cycle, which unfortunately will be lighter, since we have left the Europa League. But we have the Portuguese Cup to try to win. It’s true that I’m happy with these figures, which are the work of the whole group, but honestly, I say in all honesty, it makes sense if at the end of the season I win the title”.

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