THE BALL – Portugal fought neck and neck with Brazil (Futsal)

Portugal put in an excellent performance against Brazil, in the first of two friendlies which are staged at the Pavilhão Multiusos de Gondomar.

Friday night, and in front of more than a thousand spectators in the stands (1093), the canarinhas ended up winning 2-0, but the truth is that Luís Conceição’s team left an image of enormous quality, often putting what is considered to be the best selection in the world in meaning, only managing to finish.

Brazil’s two goals came in the first half, through Débora Vanin (8′) and Emily (12′).

In the complementary phase, Portugal dominated almost completely, had several situations to score, but the aim of the nationals was not well calibrated.

This Saturday (9:00 p.m.) there is a new duel between Portuguese and Brazilian women, also at the multipurpose pavilion in Gondomar.

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