Mac Studio teardown shows SSD storage can be upgraded and more

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the first one Mac Studios in natureAnd, as always, the first drops hit the web. Especially so far, maximum technology on Youtube He disassembled the Mac Studio to reveal the interior, the M1 Ultra, and a possible indication of its expandability.

First, this teardown reveals how to access Mac Studio. From the outside, the Mac Studio doesn’t appear to have any screws, but if you carefully remove the rubber ring from the base of the machine, you’ll find four screws that will allow you to completely remove the base.

After removing the Mac Studio base and examining the internals, Max Tech realizes that Mac Studio can have expandable SSD storage. Similar to the Mac Pro, the Mac Studio has two relatively affordable internal SSD ports.

Max Tech notes that the language on Apple’s website for Mac Studio states that the storage is “user-accessible” and that if customers feel they might need additional storage in the future, they should “consider configuring for larger capacity”.

However, due to the “user-accessible” language, Max Tech speculates that Apple may offer authorized SSD storage upgrades at some point. An Apple sell the same Mac Pro SSD Upgrade Kit.

The video also shows how you can move an SSD from one slot to another. This again indicates that slots can be modular and scalable. Unfortunately, there’s no chance you’ll be able to upgrade Mac Studio’s Unified Memory because it’s soldered onto the same chip.

Max Tech’s full video is well worth watching and can be found below. Ultimately, it’s unclear if Apple deliberately built the Mac Studio to allow for future SSD storage upgrades, but it’s an interesting possibility to consider. what is your opinion? Let us know in the comments!

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