Everything Google Will Release in 2022

Recently we had the first releases from Apple, with new iPhones, iPads and Macs. And for lovers of androidthat the google Will it be released in 2022? Among some confirmed items and others we expect to see, check out our list now bringing everything the tech giant has in store for this coming year.

Android 13

A sure thing every year is Google’s mobile operating system update. Successor to the current Android 12, the Android 13 has already entered the developer testing phase and will still go through the beta phase, with users testing the system. Before Android 13 hits public testing, we may see some sort of preview of what’s to come with Android 12L.

Everything Google Will Release in 2022
Google’s releases for 2022 also include Android 13. Read: Android Central

We probably won’t see a major overhaul after the changes seen in Material You and Dynamic color added to the current Android 12. On this subject, we are already starting to see that it is possible to have more adjustments in this theme system. One of the high expectations of users is the increased stability and even the reintroduction of customization options for the pixel launcherwhich were removed with the Android 11 update. The beta phase will be available in April and Android 13 is expected to arrive in mid-August.

pixel 6a

All predictions for Google launches in 2022
Pixels in 2022? It’s entirely possible ! Reading: The Verge

Another certainty for this year is another member of the Pixel line, the pixel 6a. Apparently the smaller design seen in the pixel 4a and not pixel 5a will be discarded given the current smartphone market. According to leaked information, the pixel 6a — who is known by the pseudonym of Blue jay – will have a 12.2 MP main camera with a Sony IMX363 sensor. This is the same camera seen on devices from Pixel 3 to Pixel 5a.

Pixel Watch

And by the way, Google’s smartwatch will debut later this year! After several rumors in previous years, apparently this year we will see the smartwatch that will run the Wear OS operating system, launched with Samsung’s Galaxy Watch4. Apparently the Pixel Watch will have full integration with the fitbittechnology to record physical activities.

All predictions for Google launches in 2022
Google’s predictions for 2022 also include a new smartwatch. Copy: Workcom

And besides the processor of the device will be his own Exynos W920 which equips the Galaxy Watch4. It is expected to offer different wallpapers, from simple to luxurious. As for the price, everything indicates that it will be a little more affordable than many others in the category.

Pixel Notepad

Although Google’s foldable phone project was aborted last year, it looks like it’s picked up again with a possible launch later this year. The indicative are the settings seen in the test operating systems, which point to foldable screen adjustments made by Google itself. It will be called “Pixel Notepad” and will cost around $1,400.

All predictions for Google launches in 2022
A possible folding made by Google. Reading: Tom’s Guide

It is possible that the launch of the Pixel Notepad will be, at first, only in the United States, becoming available for the global market a little later in 2022. One of the features that we may see is the rear camera of 12.2 MP resolution and also a pair of front cameras with a resolution of 8 MP each.

All predictions for Google launches in 2022
Rumors indicate that there will be a new Chromecast among the products that Google will launch in 2022. Reproduction: TechRadar

Continuing with Google’s 2022 launches, we may now have a model of Chromecast with Google TVbut with resolution 1080p. While current models offer 4K resolutions, the Full HD model is expected to hit the market at the prices seen in previous Chromecast models, which are still on the market. There is not much information about the device yet, but one of the most anticipated things is what this device will be able to offer being in a cheaper price range.

Pixel 7 and 7 Pro

All predictions for Google launches in 2022
Another Pixel model in 2022? Reading: cell phones

And one of the big expectations of Google’s 2022 launches is the possibility pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. According to Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, the Pixel 6 has broken several sales records, which may encourage the company to continue with the next line of smartphones. With the great success of the processor tensioner (developed by Google), it is possible that we will see a new chip, this time with the probable name of “cloud ripper“.

Pixel Buds

All predictions for Google launches in 2022
Google’s releases may also include new wireless headphones. Reading: google

Until then, the only audio accessory officially sold by Google was the Pixel Buds A. It’s expected that at some point – preferably still in 2022 – another wireless headset will be launched with Bluetooth connection and noise cancellation improvements. Although there is no information about it yet, it could be a big step for the company.

pixel tablet

All predictions for Google launches in 2022
And a new tablet? Will he come? Reproduction: LetsGoDigital

And, finally, we can keep an eye on a possible return of Google on the tablets, as the company is working on Android tablet initiatives. Google’s last tablet was the Pixel Slatewhich did not work very well with the Chrome OS operating system.

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