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The Picos Testing and Counseling Center (CTA) distributes free pre-exposure sexual prophylaxis pills, or simply PrEP, which greatly reduces the risk of HIV infection.

According to CTA coordinator in Picos, Fábio Bernardes, even when using PrEP, condom use is essential. According to him, the drug is taken daily and works as the body’s defense.

“It’s a pre-exposure prophylaxis to HIV, it’s a prevention method that consists of taking pills daily that work as a defense for the body to avoid possible contact with the disease. It has no effect that when the person uses it with a condom, it has no effect when taken alone. Thus, condoms are extremely important and should never be thrown away,” he stressed.

Picos CTA Coordinator, Fábio Bernardes

Fábio Bernardes also pointed out that the drug is intended for a public more at risk of contamination by the disease.

“PrEP is usually for people who are at higher risk of getting HIV, so they’ve restricted the audience to gay men, sex workers, trans people, and in cases where one partner is HIV-positive and the other HIV-negative”. he said.

Also according to the CTA coordinator, the team also distributes supplies and condoms, in addition to carrying out tests to detect the following STIs: Syphilis, HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, and load tests viral HIV and Hepatitis C.

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