The town hall of Pinda asks the population to receive agents to fight against dengue fever

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Dengue mosquito control agents. (Picture: Publicity)

The Prefecture of Pindamonhangaba, through the Health Secretariat, leads the Campaign against Dengue fever and reminds the population of the importance of opening their homes to receive the Epidemiological Surveillance team. Due to the high rates of the Covid-19 pandemic, many residents were not allowing access to officers.

Epidemiological Surveillance emphasizes that its agents are identified and carry out the visit in accordance with health rules. With access to properties, officers can make necessary directives and carry out inspections in possible breeding sites for the mosquito that transmits Dengue.

According to data from the municipality from January 1 to March 10 this year, 42 cases of dengue have been reported. Compared to last year, during the same period, the number of cases was 518 and compared to 2019, 55 cases were reported. “Although the figures show an improvement, our agents are still on the ground because surveillance work is very important so that dengue fever notifications do not increase. That is why we are asking the population to open their homes to receive the visit and the advice of our team,” said the head of the zoonoses division, Ricardo Costa Manso.

Campinas and Maricá are the regions that currently have the highest incidence of cases and are therefore receiving greater attention. Of the 42 cases this year, 31 are residents of the Campinas neighborhood, which this year received the awareness campaign with churches, schools and entities, as well as two blocking actions from the monitoring team.

After confirmation by the health unit of dengue fever cases, the Health Department monitors the number of cases and, having a district with a considerable number of cases, the work of home visits and referrals begins, executing actions of blocking within a radius of 200 meters around the house of a citizen notified of dengue fever. In this way, the fertile ground is eliminated with a point misting in all the houses with the application of insecticide.



According to Epidemiological Surveillance, the situation is currently under control in view of the latest Larval Density Analysis (ADL) measuring the presence of larvae in possible breeding sites in several sectors of the commune. Recently, the latest measurement recorded an average for the municipality of Building Index 4.8.

“We are doing everything we can to reduce this mark. We have a critical region, which is the east side of the city, where in some neighborhoods the index reached 10.8, that is, out of 100 properties analyzed, 10 contained Aedes aegypti larvae” , said Ricardo.

The Town Hall highlights the main actions that the population can take to fight against dengue fever:

• Keep the water tank tightly closed and shield the thief
• Keep water tanks and barrels tightly capped
• Wash (inside) every week with a brush and soap, the tanks used to store water
• Pierce the small plates of the plants so that water does not accumulate
• Remove leaves, twigs and anything that could prevent water from flowing into the gutters
• Do not allow water to accumulate on the slab
• Put in the trash any useless object that can accumulate water
• Add bleach to the drains
• Clean and wash animal waterers weekly

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