The most anticipated strategy games of 2022

Time to talk about what game tactics fans and those looking to finally dive into the expansive genre for the first time should be on the lookout for in the months ahead! Whether with the return of classics like Dune RTS and metal slugor never-before-seen medieval battles in pixel graphics with Triangle strategythis year looks promising with variety, quality and innovation.

That’s why we have selected the most anticipated strategy games 2022including turn-based titles and RPGs that involve deep thinking.

strategy games 2022

Metal Slug tactics is one of the most anticipated strategy games of 2022
Metal Slug Tactics is one of the genre’s most anticipated releases
Image: Tactics/Metal Slug Disclosure

Resource management, intelligent army control, decision making and many hours of gameplay. This is the basis of what to expect from a strategy game! After diving into this genre, the player finds one of the most rewarding gameplay that the gaming world has to offer. Victories seem and are hard earned, each failure becomes a chance to learn and therefore play better next time.

And the year promises to be glorious with great releases. Here are the strategy games of 2022!

Triangle strategy

The pixelated look of Triangle Strategy is one of its attractions

The style HD-2D visual of Octopath Traveler arrives in the new strategy game developed by Artdink and Square Enix, promising lots of fun and tough decisions with the cast of pixelated characters who experience a plot where three nations vie for control of scarce resources. Despite the rather cute aesthetic, the plot deals with issues such as morality and freedom, virtues measured through the player’s decisions on the scale of belief.

With combat influenced by classic strategy RPGs like Final Fantasy Tacticswhich feature positional advantages, follow-up attacks and elemental chain reactions, the first title on our list arrived on March 4th for nintendo switch.

Distant Worlds 2

Distan Worlds 2 is a large-scale strategic space game

Ready for an intergalactic resource management adventure? In Distant Worlds 2you must explore space presented on a large scale, containing up to 2,000 star systems and tens of thousands of planets, moons and asteroids.

The title combines a grand strategy and RTS Game, as well as a complex galaxy generation tool that ensures that no two towers are the same. It is up to the player to decide whether exploration will proceed peacefully, diplomatically, or aggressively. Available for PC from March 10.

Starship Troopers: Earth Command

Starship Troopers is a 90s film series that returns to the world of gaming

One of the best sci-fi movie series of the 90s is back in the game! So fans of Starship Troopers hope to find the same satirical vision in Earth Commandin which the player will control troops and entire armies while defending the population of Kwalasha from an invading alien species known as arachnids.

Between challenging battles, mobile units and unique squads, combat mechanics unfold with elevation of the terrain for more tactical options. All with a unique comic book style, an aesthetic that remains innovative in the genre. Play this title from March 31, available for pc.

Advance Wars 1+2: Reboot Camp

Remake of the first two Advance Wars games cheers up fans who haven’t seen a release in over a decade

Advanced Wars It’s a classic franchise nintendo and now reaches the new audience through redone of the first and second games, after more than 10 years without a release. The highlight of this series is for sure the bright and colorful art style, which goes well with the company’s portable console.

The player will control troops, ships, planes, and special abilities while helping Andy, Max, and Sami of the Orange Star Army defeat the opposing threat, advancing through an ever-changing map. Already noted, the launch takes place on April 8 for nintendo switch.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns

The game introduces a new perspective to superhero titles

It is also available for strategy and comic fans! Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a unique take on comic book games. While most titles dedicated to superheroes feature third-person action gameplay, this work goes against the grain by delivering more tactical gameplay in the RPG formula. Thus, the player will have to make crucial decisions and build relationships with team members like Captain America, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Wolverine and more.

Another detail that sets it apart is the presence of bridge construction, using cards powered by character abilities to reclaim Earth from dark forces. Without a fixed date, the game should be released in the second half of 2022, for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

homeworld 3

Homeworld is one of the most famous strategy series

Introduced to the world in 1999, homeworld is perhaps one of the most well-known strategy series of its genre. However, its popularity with the new generation of gamers waned due to the release of the second and final title in the series in 2003. Since then, there have only been remasters, when a sequel was finally announced. in 2019.

After almost three years, we are approaching the release of the third title that requires resource management in the stars. It arrives in December for PRACTICE.

bowl of blood 3

American football field strategy with quirky players

Another example of innovation in a strategy game! Unlike most genres that let you control armies or large-scale battles in space, bowl of blood 3 is an American football fantasy featuring creatures such as ogres, elves, and goblins. Nothing more unique than that, right?

The strategy is to control particular players on the field to score points and thus defeat the opposing team. Scheduled to be published in 2021, it has been postponed to this year, without a definitive date. will be made available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

Dune: The Spice Wars

The new title follows the proposal of its 90s predecessors

The renewed franchise Dunes happens in the best way, given the artwork’s warring factions: resource control and long-range moves that allies and foes make to win battles. That is to say as Strategy RPGThe.

We also can’t forget that the old game Dune II 1992 is considered the initiator of modern RTS, so it’s only right that the title be developed with the elements that built its fame. Soon the player will be able to deal with the Atreides and Harkonnens as they battle for spice and land. Without a fixed date, the release will be available for PRACTICE.

Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope

Unusual combo sequence promises chaotic fun

Unexpected fun: Super Mario and Rabbids characters come together in a strategy game. This had already happened in 2015 with Mario Kingdom Battle + Rabbids, repeating this year with an impressive look. A sequence called sparks of hope, the world will be larger and looser, giving players free attacks on the battlefield. No official release date, will be available for nintendo switch.

Metal Slug in a new genre surprised the gaming community

How about one of the greatest representatives of the run-n-gun enter the world of strategy? With heavy touches of Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem, Metal Slug Tactics should take all the action from the games we love to the strategy genre. Additionally, the developer added that the title will feature elements roguelike. It’s good to keep an eye out as there is no official release date yet. Available for Nintendo Switch and PC.

Terminator: Dark Fate – Challenge

Terminator is also among the most anticipated strategy games

Well, apparently the 90s are in full swing. The final title on our list is yet another descendant of series and movies that have erupted in the past: Terminator. Terminator: Dark Fate – Challenge is described as an RTS that places the player in the midst of future wars between humanity and the Legion’s network of synthetic intelligent machines.

The cinematic teaser and gameplay trailer doesn’t show more than a preview of an ongoing battle, but you can already see standard RTS elements like resource management, faction control, and large-scale warfare. ladder. Arrives in 2022 for PRACA, no official release date.

And then what are the the strategy games most awaited by you? Tell us here in the comments!

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