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The town hall of port Alegré announced, this Thursday (17), a working group to fight against the mosquito that transmits dengue fever. The measurement takes place after 276% increase in cases of illness in 10 days in town.

Among the proposals are the realization of scans in places with possible breeding sites of the Aedes aegypti and the creation of a specific channel on 156 for complaints. see below.

On Tuesday (15), the capital reached 98 confirmed cases of the disease, of which 95 were autochthonous, that is, contracted in the city. The previous week, the record was 26 cases until March 5.

Throughout the year there are 187 confirmed cases dengue in the city. The East Health District leads, with 103 occurrences. The region includes neighborhoods such as Três Figueiras, Bom Jesus, Vila Jardim, Jardim Carvalho and Morro Santana.

Over the past year, 83 cases of dengue have been confirmed in Porto Alegrebeing 65 natives and 18 imported.

According to the town hall, the actions of the task force will be coordinated by the Department of Health Monitoring (DVS) of the Municipal Health Department, with the support of several agencies. The objective is to carry out inspections on public and private land, paying attention to the points where there is still water.

In addition to the complaint channel on the telephone 156, the municipality intends to organize a “D-Day” to fight against the dengue mosquito, with support for local residents, removal of mosquito breeding sites and an active search for suspected cases of dengue fever. disease.

Dengue fever victory in Porto Alegre — Photo: Cristine Rochol/PMPA

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