Most pirated movies and box office of the week [14/3/2022]

At ranking of the most-watched films at the american box office, alongside the most pirated, this week’s one should start a new reign – for superhero features. If “Spider-Man: No Homecoming”, released in December, still among the four highest grossing in the United Statesnow it should explode for several weeks among the most pirated films with the arrival of copies in good quality, just before reaching the official streams.

On the other hand, the DC takes over in theaters with ‘Batman’ premiere, starring Robert Pattinson, which had a first week run of over $170 million in the United States. The film also appears in the list of the most pirated, in ninth, always with copies in low quality.

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Pixar’s new movie “Red: Growing Up Is a Beast” also tops the list, alongside Netflix’s “The Adam Project” starring Ryan Reynolds. “Agente das Sombras”, a brucutu film starring Liam Neeson, recently released in Brazil, also has the wind in its sails, in third position.

Already “Uncharted: Off the Map” follows with a good box office, starring Tom Holland (the current Spider-Man), still in second place. It’s followed by ‘Dog’ with Channing Tatum and a friendly German Shepherd, as well as ‘Death on the Nile’ and ‘Sing 2’, which have been on the charts for several weeks.

10 – Dog


8 – panic

7 – Fees

6 – Matrix Resurrections

5 – Red: Grow a beast

4 – The king’s man: creation

3 – Agent of Shadows

2 – The Adam project

1 – Spider-Man: No Returning Home

10 – Marry me

Ticket office: 800,060 USD

9 – Panic

Box Office: $804,482

8 – Cyrano

Box office: $1,038,782

7 – The Moron Forever

Box office: $2,089,181

6 – Single 2

Box office: $2,196,240

5 – Death on the Nile

Box office: $3,928,827

4 – Spider-Man: No Returning Home

Ticket office: 6,122,731 USD

3 – Dog

box office: United States$8,484,309

2 – Uncharted: off the map

Ticket office: 14,829,406 USD

1 – Batman

box office: United States$172,520,826

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