Jornal Médico – Hospitalized patients with COVID-19 prone to mental health problems

Anxiety, depression and poor sleep quality are common symptoms in COVID-19 patients who have been bedridden – a study published today in the journal The Lancet Public Health points out.

“Overall, most mental health symptoms among those recovering from COVID-19 decreased two months after diagnosis, but patients who were bedridden for seven or more days were more likely to have depression and anxiety at baseline. during the 16-month study period,” read the findings. of the study.

250,000 people from six countries – Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia and the UK – were involved to understand the real impact on the mental health of hospital patients.

Over the 16 months of the study, patients who were bedridden for seven or more days were found to be between 50% and 60% more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety compared to those never infected during the study. analyzed period.

“The higher frequency of depression and anxiety in COVID-19 patients who spent seven or more days in bed may be due to a combination of concerns about long-term health effects as well as the persistence of symptoms of ‘long covid’ beyond illness, which limit social contact and can lead to feelings of helplessness,” said researcher Ingibjörg Magnúsdóttir, from the University of Iceland.

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