Fuel: be careful, get ready for three euros per litre!

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After pandemic that we live and still live, no one expected a war. And contrary to what it initially looked like, it will last and it will come at an incredible cost. It’s in food, in products and services, and in general and especially in fuels. In fact, rising fuel prices are about to last, and the CEO of a well-known oil company has revealed a possibility that everyone already feared but had yet to reveal publicly. By the end of the year, the price of fuel could reach three euros per litre. In other words, it will be impossible for us to go anywhere by car.

Fuel: be careful, get ready for three euros per litre!

According to CIS News the CEO of BEFORE which was one of the first companies to suspend business with Russia, predicts that the price of fuel could reach almost three euros per liter by the end of the year.

gasoline three euros per liter

This is something that until very recently would have been unthinkable and is generating a lot of anger from people.

But the problem of this escalation in prices to three euros per liter does not only endanger our car journeys.

It puts everything in danger. Freight transport companies will not be able to support these values ​​without raising prices. These prices will have to be compensated somewhere and as such all the products that we consume will increase a lot. In other words, it is a generalized and unprecedented rise in the cost of living.

But it’s not just prices that are rising. Drug distribution can be risky and it gets really serious, especially for patients who can’t even live without it!

It was recently that the president of the Association of Pharmaceutical Distributors (ADIFA) revealed that pharmaceutical distributors experienced a 15% increase in energy costs during the months of January and February. This significantly increases operating costs.

Among several statements to LUSA we assume a rather disturbing role.

However, not wanting to fall into alarmism, Nuno Flora insisted that this question of fuels becomes a real threat to the operations of distribution companies and the normal supply of medicines”. In other words, it is easy to see that this question of fuels can jeopardize the distribution of medicines.

gasoline three euros per liter

One of the ways to solve this problem is undoubtedly the intervention of the government. It is for this reason that this association is asking for access to advantages that already exist in other sectors, particularly in taxis.

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