THE BALL – Gil Vicente wins the Minho derby at SC Braga (Liga)

With a shrewd display, with enormous defensive solidity and a lot of daring in transitions, Gil Vicente silenced the Estádio Municipal de Braga, winning 1-0, thanks to a solitary goal from Henrique Gomes, who had entered the the match a few seconds before. A real bucket of cold water for the warriors of Minho, who thought they had mastered the encounter, but were mortally wounded at a crucial moment, with an indefensible shot for Matheus.

Moments before Gilista’s goal, Abel Ruiz nearly missed on the 1-0 goal line and Ricardo Soares’ side delivered the killing blow.

With this defeat, SC Braga now see Gil Vicente move closer to fourth position, being just one point down the Minho Warriors standings.

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