Hortolândia does nebulization to eliminate the dengue mosquito – Hora Campinas

Hortolândia strengthens the fight against the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits diseases such as Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika. The Town Hall resumes nebulization work in different areas of the city. This week, the Surveillance and Zoonoses Unit (UVZ) is leading the action in the Remanso Campineiro neighborhood. During the visit, agents enter the houses to spread a type of insecticide in the air in order to eliminate the already adult mosquitoes.

Officers use motorized knapsack foggers to deliver the insecticide in vapor form. At the same time, another team from the agency continues to visit Vila Real with house-to-house action to actively search for and eliminate mosquito breeding sites.

According to UVZ, nebulization is carried out in regions where positive cases of dengue fever have been reported. The action had been suspended in June last year.

In door-to-door action, officers visit homes to actively search for and eliminate possible mosquito breeding sites. The objective is to eliminate the insect still in the larval stage. If larvae are found, some of them are collected for laboratory identification. According to the agency, 80% of mosquito breeding sites are in homes.

The Town Hall asks the population to authorize the entry of nebulizers and door-to-door. They are identified by a badge and a uniform.

The City also advises residents to beware of scams. During visits, agents do not ask residents for bank details or personal information. The action consists solely of identifying and eliminating the insect’s breeding sites. If in doubt, to find out in which regions of the city the door-to-door action will be carried out, the population can call the UVZ on the telephones (19) 3897-3312 or (19) 3897-5974.

*Article updated at 3 p.m.

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