THE BALL – Red twist leaves the lion dazed (Volleyball)

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Benfica beat Sporting 3-1 in a match of the 14th and final round of the 2nd phase of the Liga Una, played this Saturday afternoon, at the Pavilhão João Rocha, in Lisbon.

The lions entered the derby even better, winning the first set (25-17), but this partial woke up the eagles who, from then on, took charge of operations and, following great improvements in the service and in the block, managed to twist. 25-22, 25-23 and 25-18 were the results of the following sets, which confirmed the triumph of Marcel Matz’s men.

With this victory, Benfica ends this phase in first position of the classification. Fonte do Bastardo (2nd), Sporting (3rd) and Esmoriz (4th) complete the batch of teams that will take part in the playoffs champion license.

Next week, it must be added, there will be another derby, this time for the Portuguese Cup. Sporting and Benfica will meet from 7 p.m. next Saturday, in a duel reminiscent of the semi-finals of the last four of the Portuguese Cup, which will take place in Viana do Castelo – the other semi-final will face Fonte do Bastardo and Vitória de Guimarães (also on Saturday 19, but from 3 p.m.

End of the fourth set: Sporting 18 Benfica 25.

match point for Benfica. 18-24.

Time out requested by Marcel Matz, Benfica coach. (18-23).

Benfica are getting closer to victory. 17-23.

There are already five points of advantage for the eagles. (16-21).

Benfica continues to go from strength to strength and an embodied triumph in the derby begins to take shape. So far, 15-19.

Time out requested by Sporting coach Gerson Amorim.

Partial with a lot of alternation in the marker and, at this point, Benfica are back in front, this time with a three-point advantage. 11-14.

Another affirmative response from the lions. 11-10.

Benfica reacted very well. The incarnates have already gone to the front. 6-8.

Sport is better. 5-3.

Marcel Matz, coach of Benfica, is admonished with the red card (for complaints), even before the first service of this set, and therefore Sporting is already in front (1-0).

Beginning of the fourth set!

Despite the great response given by the lions in the last part of the third partial – the green and white team managed to postpone the victory of Benfica, nullifying two set points – the truth is that the reds ended up closing the set and, in doing so, they are ahead in the derby for the first time.

Third set final: Sporting 24 Benfica 26.

Excellent comeback from Sporting in this last part of the third set, preventing Benfica from taking the advantage in the match for the moment. 24-24.

Time out requested by Marcel Matz, Benfica coach. 23-24.

order for Benfica. (21-24).

Time out requested by Sporting coach Gerson Amorim. (21-23).

Time out requested by Marcel Matz, Benfica coach. (21-22).

At the start of the decisive phase of this third set, Benfica maintains a two-point lead (20-22).

Time out requested by Sporting coach Gerson Amorim. (18-20).

The green and white emblem wants to play the set to the end and has already managed to draw (18-18).

New red reaction and two point advantage. 13-15.

The lions have roared loudly again and there is another tie on the scoreboard. 12-12.

Incarnates remain favored. 7-10.

Sporting sketched a first reaction, but the eagles came back to the charge. 2-5.

Benfica enters very motivated by the victory in the previous partial and reaches a three-point lead. 0-3.

Beginning of the third set!

The reds improved their indexes in service and in the block and, in this way, managed to win the second partial. The derby is good…

Second end of set: Sporting 23 Benfica 25.

Time out requested by Sporting coach Gerson Amorim.

Benfica reach the 24th point and also have their first order.

Stitch to one side… Stitch to the other: 23-23.

Emotions rage in the second set and… everything remains to be decided. 22-22.

Time out requested by Marcel Matz, Benfica coach.

The break was good for the lions who, on the restart, obtained two consecutive points. (20-20).

Time out requested by Sporting coach Gerson Amorim.

Each point of this partial is disputed in an extremely competitive way and everything remains open. For now, Benfica have the advantage (18-20).

The Eagles continue to dominate the second set. (13-15).

Benfica shows once again that it is better and takes a two-point lead for the first time (11-13).

This partial is quite different from the first, balance being the dominant note. At the moment, 10-9 for Sporting.

After a more affirmative entry from the reds, the lions reacted, who at that time had the advantage in the second set (5-4).

Beginning of the second set!

Sporting entered the derby in the best of ways, winning the first set without appeal or aggravation.

End of the first set: Sporting 25 Benfica 17.

The first set arrives at the decision stage and Sporting is still in the lead (20-15).

This first set continues to be dominated by the lions, who now have seven points (15-8).

Sporting still sit in first place, now with a 10-5 lead.

Time out requested by Marcel Matz, Benfica coach.

Benfica sketched a first reaction, still managed to shorten the distances, but the lions came back to the charge and now win by 8-3.

Excellent entry from Sporting, which took a 5-1 lead.

Game start!

Benfica: Raphael Oliveira, Bernardo Silva, André Lopes, Peter Wohlfahrtstatter, Bernardo Westermann, Ivo Casas, Hugo Gaspar, Pablo Machado, Aaro Nikula, Lucas França, Flávio Soares, Tiago Violas, André Aleixo and Carlos Puron

Coach: Marcel Matz

Athletic: Hugo Vinha, Tiago Pereira, José Masso, Victor Hugo, Kelton Tavares, Thiago Gelinski, Yohan Léon, Robinson Dvoranen, Gil Meireles, Tiago Barth, Rafael Cavalcanti, Frederico Santos, João Fidalgo and Joaquín Gallego

Coach: Gerson Amorim

Referees: Luis Meireles and Rui Reis

There are already teams!

“The game will be balanced. Sporting are a team structured for the title. We have won some victories, but with great difficulty. He misses this match to close this stage, then comes the last four of the Portuguese Cup and the playoffs of the National. We need victory to finish in 1st place and be able to decide the playoffs at home,” projected Marcel Matz, coach of Benfica.

“We are in 3rd place and in 3rd we will be, winner or loser. I’m going to put players on the pitch who don’t have as many minutes and get some more for the Cup, which is next weekend, against Benfica too,” Sporting coach Gerson Amorim said in a statement. preview of today’s match.

Sporting, on the other hand, come to this last round of the 2nd phase with the certainty that, whatever happens in the derby, they will not leave 3rd place again.

Benfica go into this final round at the top of the table, which means that if they win the derby, the Reds automatically guarantee the top position. The only team that can still make this situation dangerous for the Eagles is Fonte do Bastardo. The islanders are in 2nd place, but if Académica de Espinho wins and Benfica loses against Sporting, then there will be an exchange of places between the Azoreans and the Lisbon ones in the lead.

At this time of the championship, the four places for the playoffs of the Elite Division – Benfica, Fonte do Bastardo, Sporting and Esmoriz -, but it is only in this last round that the final positions of these teams will be known, since the respective classifications will define the crossing of the matches for the semi-finals .

Sporting hosts Benfica, at 5 p.m., in the 14th and final round match of the 2nd phase of La Liga Una, in volleyball, and A BOLA online will follow all the incidents of the derby. Stay tuned…

Good afternoon!

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