″Donnarumma was wrong to choose the money″

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Arrigo Sacchi, former Milan coach and ex-Italy manager, said on Saturday that Gianluigi Donnarumma made a mistake leaving Milan and joining PSG

Speaking to Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, Sacchi explained why he believes Donnarumma should have stayed at Milan instead of signing for PSG in the summer of 2021.

“He [Donnarumma] makes a mistake in the choice of money. I told your father and your mother last summer here in Milan. He had to stay in Milan not so much out of gratitude but because it was the perfect place to grow up. But he’s still a great champion, I’ve known him since I was a kid, in training,” commented the former coach.

Sinisa Mihajlovic, also a former Milan manager and current Bologna manager, spoke about Donnarumma’s missed kick and conceded one of Benzema’s goals in the Champions League Round of 16 second leg, complaining about the pressure exercised by the Italian and French press. on the goalkeeper, although he agreed the best option for him would have been to stay between the Milan posts.

“Was it a lack of Benzema?[pergunta do jornalista] I don’t know, it’s these gray situations that the referee must interpret. You [imprensa italiana] are very hard on Donnarumma… All of you, French and Italians. You charge him everything. You didn’t make the right decision. I also spoke to him and advised him to stay, but he chose this path. But it’s true that if Donnarumma hadn’t been to the Europeans, Italy wouldn’t have won,” noted Mihajlovic.

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