Panvel begins flu vaccination in Caxias do Sul

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In Caxias the application service is offered in the stores of Avenida Júlio de Castilhos 2.234 store 1 and Rua General Malett 56

– The vaccine is effective against four strains of the flu virus;

The application of the flu vaccine which also immunizes against the H3N2 variant has already started to be carried out by Panvel in 80 special rooms in the Panvel Clinic in Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná and São Paulo. They are specific environments for vaccination and that follow all the protocols established by the health authorities, with duly qualified pharmacists. Vaccination is effective against four strains of the flu virus – A (H1N1); A (H3N2); B (Victoria) and B (Yamagata) – being recommended for the age group from six months.

“To better serve our customers, we have flexible hours and the possibility for the family to be able to vaccinate everyone in the same place, regardless of age, in a welcoming environment and following all health requirements and protocols”, says the executive director, Roberto Coimbra. The purchase of vaccines can be made in the physical stores of the network, in addition to the website, Panvel app or by telesales Hello Panvelby simply opting for one of the agencies that provides the service.

All pharmacists are qualified for the service and will work exclusively in the application of vaccines, contributing to a greater agility of the service. Roberto Coimbra emphasizes that flu vaccination is part of health care promotion, in addition to being an important form of prevention and protection.

Important: Information on the list of stores that carry out the application and the opening hours are available on the website. The customer can also clarify his doubts via WhatsApp from Panvel (51 3218-9000)

About Panvel Clinic

For those looking to maintain full vaccination coverage for different diseases, the Panvel Clinic has become a reference by offering different types of vaccines and for all ages. In these environments it is possible to make the requests foreseen by the timetable of the Ministry of Health and Medical Societies (SBIM/SBP), as well as for specific travel destinations.

The Panvel Clinic extends the role of pharmacy in the care of the population, in particular by contributing to the success of their treatment and/or disease prevention. Covid-19 tests, genetic tests, blood sugar, blood pressure and rapid examinations are also available. In addition to the diversity of channels to buy the vaccine, the customer can access the network’s website or WhatApp (51 3218-9000) to check the movement of the chosen store beforehand and thus avoid queues.

The network’s portfolio offers vaccines for different age groups, including options such as tetravalent H3N2 flu, yellow fever, triple bacterial, Hepatitis B, pneumococcus 10 and 13, rotavirus, Hepatitis A and B, meningitis B, triple viral, varicella, shingles, HPV, among others. Panvel recommends that the customer seek advice from their doctor. More information can be obtained at

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