Ubisoft is launching an early access program for Skull and Bones

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The company has opened registration for those who want to experience the game first-hand

Officially announced at the E3 of 2017, Skull and bones is a game that has not been shown for so long that many have considered it had been canceled. Proving that the title still exists and that hopes are placed on it, the Ubisoft announced this Thursday (10) that it will launch a new early access program for the title.

The Insiders program promoted by the developer select a limited number of players and give them access to a preliminary version of the game. The company’s intention is to collect as much honest data and feedback as possible to guide the game’s creation process and allow it to reach its full potential.

According to Ubisoft, theideal candidates” are “fans with a keen interest in game development, with plenty of time to spend testing and reporting issues, bugs, or just general feedback”. If you think you fit this description, click here to start your registration.

Skull and Bones Trials will take place on PC

Until now, The Skull and Bones Early Access Program is only available for PC players. To participate you will need to have a registered account on Ubisoft Systems, as well as installing the software Ubisoft Loginwho will be responsible for ensuring access to the game files.

The last public presentation of the game was in 2018, and since then the developer has been releasing updates about it in a more discreet way. In February of this year, the company said it was very happy with the development process and who thought the game would be published by the end of the financial year (which ends in April 2023).

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While the trials Skull and bones AC watch Ubisoft is advancing in the finalization process, they should not be taken as definitive proof of this. In early March, the company announced that it had decided to postpone The Settlers indefinitelywhich was supposed to hit stores on March 17, while consequence of criticism heard during closed tests carried out in January of this year.


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