GTA V and GTA Online set to arrive on next-gen consoles

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It was recently revealed when Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X players will be able to get their hands on GTA V and GTA Online on their new consoles.

Come see when you can return to San Andreas in all the glory of the latest console generation.

This is great news for those who have been waiting (and desperately) for Grand Theft Auto V (and GTA Online) to come to next-gen consoles, with all that that entails.

Rockstar is preparing to launch on Next Generation consoles this month, with the launch of GTA V Enhanced Edition on March 15, 2022, for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X, which can be pre-ordered with 50% off from March 14, 2022. March to June 2022.

Additionally, those who pre-ordered digitally from the PlayStation 5 store or Microsoft Store can now pre-download Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.

Story Mode and Online Mode will launch on March 15 and will include new graphics modes with up to 4K resolution and 60fps, improved textures, HDR and ray tracing options, load times faster, immersive, platform-exclusive 3D audio and more. Continued.

Additionally, it will now be possible to transfer Playstation 4 or Xbox One Story Mode progress by loading a Rockstar Games Social Club save, and it will also be possible to transfer characters from GTA Online on March 15. Those who want to continue playing on the latest generation of consoles will also win a Karin S95 fully converted and tuned by the experts at Hao's Special Works, as well as a set of Chameleon liveries applicable to all vehicles.

Important Note: For GTA Online platform migrations, money (GTA$) purchased can only be transferred between platforms of the same family (PS4 -> PS5 or Xbox One -> Xbox Series X|S). All GTA$ earned will transfer regardless of platform.

In GTA Online, a new selection of careers is coming. This way, beginners and players who want to start over with new characters will have an advantage in the criminal underworld of southern San Andreas. With the new way to build your career, you can already enter GTA Online with an executive property, vehicle, and weapon, plus the ability to add useful upgrades and extra GTA$.

It will be possible to choose one of the most popular "careers" in GTA Online: Executive, Arms Dealer, Pub Owner or Biker. You will then receive a small fortune of GTA$4,000,000 to buy the essentials. Those who choose one of the four careers will have executive ownership and can immediately enjoy a wide variety of in-game missions and activities. And, of course, you can grow businesses and test out new careers as you go. as you progress through the game.

After choosing a career, use your new fortune of GTA$4,000,000 to start off on the right foot, buying the essentials from a wide variety of properties, vehicles and weapons. You can go for the basics – an un-upgraded executive property and a simple weapon and vehicle combo – or executive properties full of upgrades and customizations, high-end vehicles and a full arsenal to fill a weapons locker . It all depends on how you want to spend the money, remembering that you can take a maximum of GTA$1,000,000 of these funds in GTA Online.

However, there are already reports on the Internet that the disk space occupied by GTA V will exceed 90 GB. So get ready...

GTA V and Grand Theft Auto Online will be available digitally March 15 on the PlayStation 5 Store and Microsoft Store, with physical copies arriving later in April.

Meanwhile, Rockstar continues its development of the next game in the series.

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