More expensive fuels? Three tips for saving while driving

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VSWith the increase in fuel prices observed in recent days, the savings are (even more) important. The driver cannot control gas station prices, but certain attitudes can mean fuel savings – and, therefore, the bill to pay.

In this sense, the Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE) has published a video in which it presents a set of driving savings tips:

  1. drive with caution – “Smooth driving saves fuel and saves between 15 and 60 cents per litre”;
  2. Obey the speed limit – “For safety and also because for each slice of 8km/h you drive at more than 80km/h you spend 6 cents more per litre”;
  3. Don’t leave what you don’t need in your trunk – “Excess weight in the car means more fuel costs”.

The government will publish an ordinance on Friday with the formula by which the increase in VAT revenue resulting from the increase in fuel will be offset by an equal reduction in the ISP. To see here five questions and answers on how the ISP reduction due to VAT works.

Current quotes show that diesel and gasoline prices are expected to become more expensive early next weekwith increases that could even be more pronounced than those seen on Monday.

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