Corinthians freezes Vítor Pereira’s salary – Brazil

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The measure is extended to the entire technical team of Timão

The Brazilian press reports that Corinthians will freeze the salary of Vítor Pereira and the entire Portuguese technical team. At stake are fluctuations in the euro exchange rate, which threaten to severely shake Timão’s finances. According to ‘Gazeta Esportiva’, the currency used in the agreement with the coach was the euro and at the time, on February 23, one euro was worth 5.67 reais.


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Although the total amount has not been disclosed, the press reports that Vítor Pereira’s technical team earns, as a whole, 300,000 euros (1.8 million reais) per month.

Although at this stage the real has even appreciated against the euro, the wage freeze aims to make the value fixed, in order to avoid greater expenditure in the event that the value of the European currency rises in arrow, given the war situation in this part of Europe.

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