Saturday will have D-Day for the Covid-19 vaccination and the Papanicolaou effort

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Basic health units will be open to promote protection and prevention actions, which are part of the Women’s Month calendar

Next Saturday (12/03), 19 of the 20 Basic Health Units (UBS) will be open for the D-Day of the Vaccination against Covid-19 for all vaccinated audiences, in addition to Women’s Health activities such as Papanicolaou, HPV vaccination and guidelines for care of women.

“As part of the special program we have developed for International Women’s Day, we also have actions for ‘Março Lilac’, a month to raise awareness of the importance of preventing cervical cancer. This Saturday, women living in Diadema will be able to pick up their UBS for a special day of prevention and care, “said Dr. Rejane Calixto, municipal health secretary. The dose of the vaccine against covid-19 will be available for children between 5 and 11 years old and people aged 12 and over and at all doses (D1, D2 and booster), including for those who are late in the vaccination schedule.

UBS Piraporinha is being renovated, so anyone referred to the unit should go to UBS Nova Conquista, located at Avenida Presidente Juscelino, 759, in the same neighborhood. To find out which documents are required for vaccination, read more at – information-to-protect-yourself.

women’s health

In the UBS, preventive examinations such as pap smears will also be carried out. The recommendation is to do the pre-planning with the health team of the resident’s reference unit. The forecast is to perform more than 2,200 tests in a single day. If the demand exceeds this amount, the smear will be taken during the following week.

Preparing for the exam consists of not having a period (take three days after the end of it), avoiding sexual intercourse three days before, avoiding the use of vaginal douches and not using vaginal cream or ovum. Women referred to UBS Piraporinha will take the exam at UBS Nova Conquista.

“Our guidance is that all women between the ages of 25 and 64 undergo preventive screening for cervical cancer annually, or as clinically directed, as a primary strategy to diagnose the disease early and reduce risk. of aggravation and mortality.” , says Dr. Margareth Tangerino, Primary Care Advisor.

The samples are sent to the municipal laboratory. The result comes out within approximately 30 days and will be sent to the Unit to plan the return with the nurse in charge and, if necessary, the doctor.

There will also be application of the vaccine against HPV (acronym in English for Human Papillomavirus) for girls in the age group of nine to 14 years.

On the same day, health teams will provide advice on the care of women.

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In all the base units there will be a collection point for sanitary napkins for the Ciclo do Bem campaign, promoted by the Diadema Social Solidarity Fund (FSS). The aim of the action is to collect and distribute sanitary pads to girls and women living in menstrual poverty and to reduce the taboo of talking openly about menstruation and its consequences.

women’s month

This Saturday’s activities are part of the program for Women’s Month, which brings together exhibitions and artistic interventions, conferences and conversation circles, circus shows, music, dance and theater, film screenings, walks and other actions. More information at


D-Day of the vaccination against Covid-19 (free request) / Pap smear (on appointment) / HPV vaccination / Collection of sanitary napkins for the Ciclo do Bem campaign

March 12, 2022, Saturday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

List of basic health facilities in Diadema

UBS ABC. Plum Avenue, 679

UBS Canhema. 22 de Abril, 113

UBS Casa Grande. Rua Mem de Sa, 280

UBS Center. Avenida San Jose, 472

UBS design. Bororos Street, 80

UBS El Dorado. Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes Avenue, 288

UBS Inamar. Rua Jose Vicente, 122

UBS Maria Teresa. Avenue Sinesio Pereira, 27

UBS Nation. Rua Italia, 290

UBS Nogueira. Rua Sebastiao Fernandes Tourinho, 285

UBS Nova Conquista*. Avenida Presidente Juscelino, 759

UBS Paineiras. Javari Street, 635

UBS Paulina. Avenue Afranio Peixoto, 643

UBS Promise. Rua Prudente de Moraes, 300

Real UBS. Calle Odete Amaral de Oliveira, 129

UBS Reid. Rua Serra do Passion Fruit, 49

UBS Ruyce. Eldorado Avenue, 817

UBS San Jose. Rua Barao de Iguape, 98

UBS sawmill. Avenue Lico Maia, 803

* UBS Nova Conquista is a benchmark for residents of UBS Piraporinha, currently being renovated.

By Renata Nascimento

Photos: Adriana Horvath

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