Spotify brings a new iOS to Android to simplify the use of the application

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Spotify’s interface has received new features to make it easier to use, especially on mobile devices. This music streaming service wants to captivate more users and this is one of the means it uses to do so.

As a result of these improvements, the version dedicated to Android now receives an important change. It becomes much simpler to add songs to the play queue, just by using a gesture in the app.

Android Spotify Queue Play Gesture

The most used music streaming service on the Internet is changing its interface on Android. From what many users can already test, a simple gesture on the favorite songs will be enough for them to be added to the play queue.

This is not yet a feature extended to all users, but many can already use it. The way to know if it is present is to swipe from left to right, with the add message displayed.

The process is, as expected, simple and quick, giving the user greater control. You can now freely browse the Spotify app and songs there, making it easy to quickly queue up those songs to be heard.

The app will notify users that the song has been queued with a simple message. This will appear at the bottom and be quick to see, so they can know the song was added as expected.

This is actually a feature that was already available for iOS users sometime ago. Spotify brings your apps closer together and maintains similar usability, for a better user experience across all systems.

This new feature is now rolling out to all Android users, albeit gradually. It will soon be available for everyone, so that they can manage the play queue in an easier and faster way, using a simple gesture, already known to all.

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